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tv   [untitled]    March 13, 2013 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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challenged their projects and have asked for the changes. yesterday, i reviewed the primary results of our assessments. we're taking a number of steps to review accident costs on the program. we're essentially eliminating the organizational - we also have significantly reduced city anti consultant at the prom level and we've taken a number of steps to transition our projects to city staff and we'll continue to make that go forward. i think we're far long enough to give you a preview and i'll give
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you a thorough presentation in april but schedule wise you ail our projects will be delivered by the july 16th deadline except for two projects. we also have the schedule of the creek project formerly known as the creek filter project that project schedule has been debated until early 2019. keep in mind that project is tied to the dam project and can't be completed until the dam is completed. budget wise we know that it will
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exceed the budget we're still working out all the numbers. and when you look at costs so far based on the preliminary costs but at the same time we've realized savings of 20 projects. the one project that we have has the largest cost increases. i anticipate we'll be able to complete all our forecasting work. we're going to issue a thirty day notice of change to comply with the requirements by the end of the next week. that notice will include all details for proposed changes and as i mention we'll come before you to seek your approval for
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those changes. i also want you to let you know that it does address the 10 recommendations that i approve the january 22nd meeting. and our intent is to respond in writing to those recommendation as part of the change notice that will be published late next week. that concludes my presentation >> commissioners? >> good commissioners my last item is as you know, we regard bias, sympathy, or prejudice can is an important client and it's been in the leadership of art and i'd like to have art come up
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and make awning announcement although he provided all the information. >> thank you members of the commission. mr. president, the announcement was the letter announcing my retire retirement. and it's hard i feel that i've been in one way or another embodied in the water system and it's been a treat. so there will be opportunity for reflexion on the past and so forth. but i want to make sure i made that announcement directly to you. i'll be on board until december.
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and just to leave you rest assured the board is gina selection process there will be somebody at least as bad as i am. and anybody who thinks i'll be a lame duck doesn't know me. >> we don't have the privilege of senior citizen senator with us today. but thank you for working with us. are there any public comments on the general managers report? and good afternoon david i want to reflect on two items you heard about. i didn't know about arts big
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announcement bad for us. i look forward to at least the next 6 months serving with him on the water committee. on the other point about the 15 in addition to the commissioners comments i hope at some point maybe after all the incident work has been done we can reflect on the ida discriminations by thinking back to the incident i forget exactly when it was the house that caved in and also the other flooding incidents we've seen. fortunately those things don't happen all the time but they do happen from time to time.
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and i hope we're building some experience and to the extent that we've got a short-term office and if they have any other questions related to this incident. i'm hoping that you'll ask for that kind of report when it's timely and appropriate and it looks throughout the organization. i'm very sorry for the people in the neighborhood for what happened >> any other public comment 1, 2, 3, 4 and seeing none it's closed. >> item 8 to adopt to the community act related from the port commission and introduced at the board of supervisors on december 11th entitled
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encroachments. this the concerning the public utilities commission >> good afternoon deputy general manager. we're here to talk about the project as 8 and washington. this is a private investment at is being placed on private and public property. we're relating for approval that would change some easements and vacant some easements that we have for our sewer projects. can we have the offer head please. i'm sorry this is kind of a dense sort of diagram. this is sewer stuff.
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we've drum street here and this is dissecting the parcels. we have a portion of an easement that we have going down drum street. we have is heers here we have the jackson street overflow we have lots of infrastructure there. we're very diligently about protecting not only for today but into the future as we rebuilt our is from. we're working with the developer. we're relocating some of our
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easements. we're going to get the easement across the drum street which we'll need in the future. all of these will be accepted and will be part of the norwalk that is occurring. there is a public building into our easement that will take place and we'll have to have more delayed design plans. right now we have preliminary plans but we don't have a final plan yet. you're also kind of protected there existing building codes.
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your neighborhood can't do something from harming your property next door. and making sure in the long-term that our operation does continue because this is a vitality part of the city infrastructure. so what is the actual approval that you're doing today? one you have to make some findings related to the ordinance. as part of the owner of this you will be approving - it still has to be ratified and you're not taking the final action for the city. there's certain vacancy easements that will be taking place and relate to jackson
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street and to the seawall lot. and finally, your indirect the manager to come back to you. there is a lot of that criteria for the protection of our infrastructure and i think it's important that you pass that ordinance today and make sure that that criteria is protects you from liabilities claims and other things we actually will be using in the process and once again that will be come back to you for approval. we can go on and on about this but that's in in a nutshell >> commissioners? >> i have a question about the timing of all of this. we have some additional kmgsz
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here and why is this coming before us today instead of a little bit closer to the election? >> well, this is a request from the port of san francisco. they're the supporters. the department of public works has already taken action. and all the departments that need to approve this have taken action. the second thing you mentioned about the rest rum it reduce the size of the project in size. we'll know how to redo our project we're going on the
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theory that we'll be able to change it >> if something changes would i need to come back to us for another vote? >> slightly. you do have that safeguard in place >> commissioners any other question? >> is there a motion? >> public comment? >> we can do the public comment first? >> is there any public comment on item number 8? i have some cards. mr. kim cohen please. tim >> good afternoon commissioners. to me collin on behalf of of the
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cities commission. what we see is it takes a surface parking lot on some of the most valuable land in california and puts it into use that brings enormous profits to san francisco. that's something we support wholeheartedly. this project has been approved by ever public body that goes way back. it's - as near as we can tell it's being opposed by a group of folks who are aggrieved and perplexed new housing is going
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in their neighborhood. it's a great project and imagine we hear that those projects are next to a sewer project. there's going to be plenty of time to vote on this in the fall. but this is a narrow technical question and it's something perfectly erupt for the projects we see. we think this greatly advanced the interests of san francisco and i would ask that you, please support this and not delay it >> next speaker sandy? >> good afternoon. good afternoon >> i don't live in the area. >> good afternoon.
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>> good afternoon commissioners i'm here because i read the newspaper this morning and i was really surprised about the sewer question. i ran budget for the city of milwaukee for several years where we're godfather not going to be getting any money from anyone. you are responsible for our infrastructure. you have a giant capita budget before you and i beg you think very careful about the sewer problems here thank you very much >> thank you for being here. next card emily? >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. my name is emily and my address
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is 110 lombard street. my understanding is that once a project is approved negotiations between the city and builder are started in order to discuss infrastructure and satisfactory and intelligent. we all know this project could be shut down in december that would be unfortunate. however, the developer has an approval and it is appropriate for the p uc and vertical to continue to negotiate. i appreciate your listening. next card >> mr.
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>> good afternoon mr. acting president. i have a former occupation as a planner. i have continued to serve on the ports water advisory front. i care deeply about the water front. i believe the types of easements you have before you for consideration s are items that would be desirable things to happen may regardless of the project what it proposes. it proposes a parking lot on the
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water front. it proposes opening up pacific and jackson street to the waterfront to be pedestrian connections. it proposes new light to this side of the cafes and it has a number of desirable projects with that. as we have indicated this is something that comes back to you after the further new york city occur this is part and pear sell and at my time with the city there were many times that the projects were approved and with nothing being final listed until
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everything is right. and i believe that's the type of things that staff is directing to you to proceed in awe lifetime with other city approvals. it will be effected in some ways in if the november proposition will pass but if i wait until the late minute there will be delays. this is a city that gets things done and i urge you to proceed forward with this pass >> the next card i have is from mr. flores. good afternoon sir, >> good afternoon mr.
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president. i represent carpenters time.
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24 is a project that spur
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strongly supports at any time good for housing production in san francisco so i ask that you take the necessary actions that your staff has requested you take >> thank you very much for being here. any other public comment on item 8? >> just a couple of questions. after having read some of the materials it's not clear what the project sponsor would have regardless of the outcome. what wouldn't be necessarily requested if it fails. is seems to me that some of the structures need to be relocated and some, stay there in the project most of forward.
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it isn't clear what the result will have on the impact of the project schedule on issues or the commissioners infrastructure in the area water and sewer thanks >> thank you for your comment. is there any other comment on item 81, 2, 3, 4. good afternoon >> it's sighing, i.e., represent a - question the question i ask is can i amend any ar and adopt any frgdz without notifying people.
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i have checked with a bunch of people and no one has gotten any notification of this meeting. secondly, the number of pages you have a huge and there's a lot of new piengz. my calculation is there's a hundred and 25 now pages and a at the trial of 18 hundred and 20 when did did you get them and how do you read them. i don't know and there's nothing i know of that people having easements on drum street were notified. i have a lot of people contact me i got no notice from anyone on drum street that has been
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notified if you're changing an easement on drum street can you not notify people just do it later . are you going to barge had a without people being given notice that participated every step of the way in those proceedings are the developer clearly participates with you and your staff by what think the public and you're the public in this case thank you. >> thank you any other public comment? >> vice president courtney
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general manager and council. i'm on behalf of the neighbors. it's interesting that this is the day i had the pleasure of preceding over a project and similar concerns were raised when neighbors had concerns and hired a grtech. let me tell you with all respect you have the cart before the horse here. on february 20th your staff considering the 6 foot easement which would bring the building
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and portions of subbing structure within four feet of your assessments and the sewer box. two days after that was presented an engineering report prepared by your project manager consultant who works on it which is a subject of today's newspaper article. i'll read a few things. by means of engineering judgment they have estimate that four inches of total ground moechltd. however, the technical report says that the ground movement